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Its a multipurpose tree cutter. It can be find in different kinds by optional. It can be work on different capacity and different truck sizes. It has been designed to work for several years. Its usage is very easy and securily. It has a low respect. It supply a high performance on high superior forces by the help of special knifes. It can be bind to truck and get flexible usage. It can be used by one person easily.


                                                   Compact 14                       Compact 17            Integra 18                                                            

 Hydroulic Requirement:                       Truck                              Truck                        -

 Hydroulic Pump:                                    -                                     -                          Gear Pump

 Oil Capacity:                                         -                                     -                          18

 Piston Working Distance (cm):             110                                110                         110

Hydroulic Remote Control:                  2 function                    2 function                     2 function

Knife Distances:                                   180                                 200                      200

Weight:                                                180                                260                      300


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