Power Harrow

** Images may contain optional components/accessories.

This machine prepares the stubble area for new planting without loosing its humidity. In addition ti this by the combination of Seed Drill Machine you can easily plant the soil in one time.

Modifier Side Panel
It is made of 2 adjustable sheet while its working , it collects the soil in inner part and get the soil regular in cylinder dimensions. They don’t broken up because of its spring connections.

Hydraulic Rear Lifter Connection
By the help of this part it can easily work combine with Seed Drill Machine. When you use together you save your time and your money. According to this attachment you can easily solve your problems.

Tail Shaft
At the back of the machine, owing to special gear box design has an additional tail shaft. Through with this part you can combine with Seed Drill machine and other machines.

Packer (wet) Roller
It is a heavy type roller. Thanks to the helically positioned teeth, the roller breaks the soil into pieces. To prevent the blockage, roller has strippers.

Bar Roller
Leight weight type roller.It consists of helically positioned star typed longed pipes. It’s used in dry conditions.