Sugar Beet Harvester Classic

PH-04 Sugar Beet Harvester Classic

This is a one-row beet reaping fully hydroulic operated machine which does processes of bulb cutting, pulling up,cleaning, storing and loading of sugar beet all together.

  • You can easily load without use a platform on 2.85 mt height.
  • You dont need to pull up first 5 row on this machine.
  • By the help of new blades you provide high performance.
  • This machine can work easily on dry and muddy land.

Technical Specifications

Advancements on Cleaning Drum:

By adding the plastic on loading equipment, it prevents to damage the product. And you can store the tank completely.

The New Extractor and Pusher System:

By this system it provides to work on hard wet land. While pulling this kind of land you can come upon with blockage, but by the help of vanes you can solve this problem and get high performance.

By Levelling Wheel you can easily adjust the depth of pulling.

The left wheel rim is being manufactured to connect 2 types. The wheels must be follow pulled row, so rim capscrews must be pull upped and the wheel must be reversed and connected. The aim is to prevent the sliding from pulling track.

Leaf – Cutting System :

  • It prepares the next row for pulling.
  • While pulling up, it cuts the near row’s leafs and collect them another place.
  • The driver can easily see the row by the help of following wheel.
  • Blades are made of steel and 4 edged. You can adjust blades.
  • The loading capacity is 2.85 mt height.