Grain Seeder

SD Grain Seeder easily plants Wheat,Rye,Barley,Soybean,Rape,Oat,Pea and similar seeds.

Seeding on Ridge and Uniform Lands:

SD grain seeder has been designed to make cultivation on all kind of lands. Either on ridge or uniform lands can be cultivated at same standards.

Sensitive Planters:

By means of it’s modern design at every land surface’ hight it can apply the same compression, therefore a unıform cultivation pattern can be gained. Because of all seeds at the same depth to the surface, simultaneous sproud and maximum turn out can be produced.

Flexible Row Gaps:

By means of its modern design, cultivation can be realized, with the disk unit untill minimum 9 cm. and with the battle minimum 8,5 cm. row gaps can be acquired. The feet can be added or removed due to the preference.

Simultaneous Fertilizer and Seed Sprinkling:

By means of its double devided bucket either fertilizer and seed can be sprinkled simultaneously as to the estimated demand. These sections can be also used exclusively so by using each two sections only seed cultivation also can be done

Continuously Variable Transmission:

By means of its continuously variable transmission design more sensitive and easier cultivation norm can be adjusted and it works more voiceless because of its continuous camshaft transmission.


SD Grain Seeder is produced 2.5 mt, 3 mt, 3.6 mt and 4 mt with fertilizer or without fertilizer .